Passion, Creativity, and Innovation – Meet Tokyo’s Digital Fashion Creators

Passion, Creativity, and Innovation – Meet Tokyo’s Digital Fashion Creators

Are you interested in fashion design but always assumed that you had to be a part of the industry to pursue it? Think again! Digital fashion is a rapidly growing industry that is attracting attention worldwide. The inspiring truth is that you can follow your passion and carve your own path.

We had the pleasure of interviewing two talented digital fashion creators based in Tokyo, and their insights offered a unique perspective on the world of digital fashion, particularly in Japan. We started by asking how they learned digital fashion, and both creators agreed that it involved a mix of self-teaching and taking classes. They emphasized the importance of remaining curious and experimenting with various techniques to achieve the desired outcomes. Interestingly, Asuka, now a project manager of a digital fashion company, had no fashion design background and only started learning software a few years ago.

Check out the interview with Asuka Ohara and Yuiko Saiki here:

One of the most fascinating parts of the interview was when they shared their visions for the future of digital fashion in Japan. The creators believed that technology has the power to revolutionize the way we approach fashion and how we consume it. They also expressed their excitement about the magical possibilities that digital fashion can bring in the future.

For anyone considering a career in digital fashion, the creators had some excellent advice. Although their answers were quite different, they all emphasized the importance of experimentation and taking risks.

Lastly, we asked them about their career goals, and it was inspiring to hear that the award-winning digital fashion creator’s goal was to be a creator with a magic wand, enabling her to produce amazing work consistently.

Our interview with these two digital fashion creators was truly motivating. Their passion, creativity, and dedication to their craft were apparent in every word they spoke. We are excited to witness what the future holds for digital fashion and see the incredible designs these two creators will bring to the industry. Check out the video below to learn more about their perspectives.