How AI Transforms Networking, Job Seeking, and Creative Exploration

How AI Transforms Networking, Job Seeking, and Creative Exploration

Artificial intelligence is rapidly advancing the way users think about jobs and business. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a simulation of processes normally completed by human intelligence. AI has the ability to improve efficiency with several business processes, ranging from data entry, to writing text, to generating images.

Several businesses are leaning heavily into AI and acknowledging the inevitable impacts to the workforce that will be brought along by AI. However, AI is not only a tool to be utilized by businesses, but individuals can take advantage of its abilities as well.

One benefit particularly helpful to job seekers is the utilization of AI when networking and job seeking, specifically with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business and employment social media platform that can be utilized to network, apply for jobs, and expand business ventures, the world’s largest. LinkedIn recently launched several AI functions to assist both the employer and job seeker, as well as tools to educate users on how to benefit from AI’s potential.

The most helpful tool for job seekers is assistance with crafting headlines bios. LinkedIn’s search function relies heavily on keywords and headlines and bios draw a job hunter in to a profile when search results are revealed. The AI function will utilize your skills and experience to create a tailored result in the user’s tone of voice. LinkedIn offered this to premium subscribers as part of the premium subscriber package, which also offers other job seeker benefits.

Job seekers could alternatively utilize ChatGPT to craft headlines and bios, as well as write cover letters and tailor resumes. The user could simply input the job description and current experience and achievements and ask it to create a cover letter, then ask it for edits after that point. Additionally, a job seeker could input his or her resume into LinkedIn and ask for a headline and bio.

LinkedIn also recently launched Collaborative Articles, which generates conversation prompts that are sent to qualified users to write on the topic. Users can also click on the published articles to add their own points, which promotes visibility for all users involved. Visibility and personal brand is especially important on LinkedIn, as it helps users appear in search results, making them more likely to be interacted with by employers on the site.

The AI tools within LinkedIn can also be helpful to artists and creatives, as LinkedIn participation and involvement can assist artists with gaining visibility and support. The tools promote search optimization and participation, both of which can allow others to connect and interact with content and individuals. Topics can also range widely and it is easy for users to find his or her community of choice, making it simple to connect with relevancy。

LinkedIn is also offering free courses on AI through June 15, 2023, in several languages. The courses can educate on how to responsibly use AI in addition to how to utilize AI to become more efficient or creative in a role, or even how to use it to secure a role.

Courses vary in topics. Some introductory courses just instruct the learner on the capabilities of AI. Others are more technical and explain the step by step components for how to utilize AI to complete a task. Courses range in time anywhere from five minutes to two hours. Courses are also helpful for both business professionals who may want to understand how to utilize AI in a business setting, and also for creatives who want to learn how to utilize AI advancements to enhance his or her art.

For example, Generative AI for Business Leaders covers what business leaders need to know about AI and how it will impact his or her business, as well as trend outlooks for its usage, and how to make the most of its capabilities in the workplace. There is also How to Research and Write Using Generative AI tools, which covers how to use AI to improve your writing and research, as well as an overall look at how to write effective prompts in AI tools and then work with those prompts to achieve one’s desired results. There are several other courses individuals and companies can take advantage of learning from regardless if the motivations are business or creatively related. Courses are available on both desktop and mobile.
Developing AI skills will be necessary in nearly every industry in the future. To access the LinkedIn courses, visit LinkedIn Learning.