30sec film artists Vol.71 – Helen Liene Dreifelds

Subtle Fragments

Helen Liene Dreifelds attempts to materialize moments of interaction, specifically the relationship between the natural and human landscapes in urban settings. She is drawn to temporal sensations during in-between moments when contrasting elements meet.

Helen Liene Dreifelds – Artworks

Space Between You And I

Helen Liene Dreifelds's artwork Hourglass

Helen Liene Dreifelds's artwork Within Reach

Helen Liene Dreifelds's artwork Tools To Hold Traces

Helen Liene Dreifelds – 30sec film artists Q&A

What super power do you want to have?

A combination superpower that includes classics like flying with teleportation, the ability to heal people while existing in multiple time and space dimensions.

Do you have a motto or creed that as an artist you live by?

Keep challenging yourself.

How do you come up with ideas?

Ideas come from multiple sources: a personal experience that I reflect upon, observations from my environment, a phrase that I read, researching topics and ideas that I am curious about, conversations with friends, the feeling of a particular sensory experience such as sound, light and movement, coming across a new to me material or technique that I experiment with in the studio, revisiting previous work, writing, asking myself what if…

What project/art are you hoping to create but haven’t got chance to do yet?

I would like to learn new skills related to sound and projection mapping to make an interactive installation about touch.

Is there a childhood experience that has helped shape the kind of work you do today?

As a child I spent time with my mom while she worked at different venues backstage, rehearsal spaces and in an area called the booth. This room has dimmed lights, wide windows, a view of the stage, headsets, musical scores, and projectors. There is a particular mix of sounds just before the performance starts and then everything goes silent. Everyone in the room is focused on being in sync with the multiple, live elements of the show in order to express the full story of the production. I think that my interest in sound, light and human experiences is influenced in part by this aspect of my childhood.

What makes you feel satisfied as an artist?

Not necessarily a sense of satisfaction, but one of the things I like about making is when working in the studio or installing a piece and something unpredictable happens which brings me to a new way of thinking.

Behind the Scenes – Filmmaker’s Experience

As Helen said in the interview, it start with “a feeling, a structure, texture, or something that I have a sense of then I plan it all out, calculate and test out to make a smaller version…”

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