30sec film artists Vol.77 – Kate Puxley

Kate Puxley – Death, Resurrection and Art

Kate Puxley
Kate Puxley was born in Edmonton, Alberta and has since lived in Toronto, Ottawa, Rome and Montreal. After completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting at Concordia University in 2005, she extended her practice beyond the palette and became a certified taxidermist.

Studio 360 – Kate Puxley

[vrview img=”http://filmartistcreative.com/30sec-film-artists/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/R0010290-U-min.jpg” width=”100%”]

Behind the Scenes – Filmmaker’s Experience

I filmed Kate Puxley with a lot of questions in mind. Not only because of the taxidermy work she had done, but the way she did it is fascinating.
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