Paris Profile Illustration

Paris Zheng

Founder and Creative Director

Paris Zheng immersed herself in film, identifying it as an optimal way to tell a story and ignite the imagination. Her degree in sociology from Carlton University gave her the tools for deeper insight into the human condition. She has honed her skills outside of film in the radio and TV industries. As a result, she is able to create work that is committed to story, stays on message, and endures trends, novelty, and fads.


Zheng dreams big, with a desire to bring ideas to the screen in unique and fantastical ways. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her ideas are spectacular.

Yuya Profile Illustration

Yuya Saito

Co-Founder, Web and Motion Designer

The devil may be in the detail but for Yuya Saito that is where it gets interesting. Saito has an eye to bring design to the next level through meticulous, calculated, and specific actions. He understands that quality work is only successful when what is considered undetectable is perfect. Thriving on challenge, Saito is self taught in web and motion design which has been fuelled by his deep desire to learn.


At Filmartist, Saito is the yin to Zheng‘s yang, creating a dynamic balanced between the macro and micro.


Miho Shirota

Lead Designer

Miho Shirota is a designing machine, creating diverse work that is bold to more subtle and beautiful aesthetics. With over six years in the gaming industry as a user interface designer, her intuition for creating entertaining and dynamic design is on point. Shirota finds work satisfying that brings together
exceptional concepts with client ideas. She believes there is nothing better than a happy client.


Tomoki Takeuchi

Music Composer

Tomoki Takeuchi doesn‘t just live music but dreams in sound. Clasically trained from the tender age of four, Takeuchi has taken this early training and used it as a spring board into all forms of music. Ambient, electronic, alternative, folk, there is no end to the genres he is capable of composing. This is reflected in the music label he created in 2013. Music is the language of the heart and Takeuchi is a master at translating your ideas into emotions.


Masahide Yoshino

Production Designer

No project too small, no project too large, Masahide Yoshino has experience on work of every scale and genre. Action, science fiction, historical, drama, he‘s done it all. Originally trained in education, Yoshino has taken his teachings skills and uniquely translated them into design. Additionally, Yoshino has a diploma in interior design to bring technical skills to his artistry. Through intense honing of craft, he has been able to mingle intuition with technical skills to bring more to a client than what they expect.