Exploring the Creative Frontier: 15 AI Tools that Revolutionizing Artistic Possibilities

Exploring the Creative Frontier: 15 AI Tools that Revolutionizing Artistic Possibilities

Artificial intelligence adoption is rising and companies and individuals are embracing it as a useful tool. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. AI tools can be used to write, design, and create photos, among other tasks. Businesses and creatives can feed prompts to AI tools, to produce work that would ordinarily take far longer, creating efficiencies in many ways. Users can utilize AI tools to explore more creativity, or use the time saved by AI to explore creative thinking in his or her own way.

There are several new advancements in AI that provide an opportunity for artists and creatives to enhance or advance work or businesses. These tools can perform work such as User Interface, or UI, Design work, copywriting and editing, and photo creation and editing.


These AI tools can be utilized to create UI design with little experience:

Visily.ai —user interface design tool for non-designers to create wireframes

Dora.run — users can generate, customize and deploy 3D websites. with a no-code editor

Galileo.Ai — users can generate unique UI designs from a text description. There is currently a waitlist.

Uncody — can create professional landing places with SEO

Piggy.to — can create social stories, presentations, and quizzes by entering short text. It’s also available in an app version.

Fronty AI — will convert an uploaded design or screenshot into front end code

These tools assist with the development of user interface design with little to no experience by utilizing text. Some can generate, customize, and deploy 3D websites. Others focus on assisting with the wireframes.

Visily.Ai is particularly helpful for artists due to its collaborative nature. Regardless of design skill, an entire team can collaborate on a single project. The tool focuses on 2D illustrations of a page’s interface and prioritization of content. It does not include styling or graphics. For the artist, this is a useful feature if a user already has the ideas for the page but needs the structure and doesn’t possess the experience to complete the wireframe. This tool is useful for an artist to allow his or her work to be seen, and produce professional looking websites. Piggy.to’s availability in app form is also convenient for users.


Figma is a collaborative platform that allows users to create and test designs for websites, apps and other digital projects. Both individual designers and teams can use figma to work on the same project at the same time and can be used in a browser or desktop app. Figma has plug-ins that can also assist with content:

FigGPT — Can be used to write copy within Figma or Figjam

Ando AI — Can generate design ideas from shapes, images, and text

Magician — Can both copy write and generate unique icons from text

Artists can utilize Figma plug-ins with the convenience of using ChatGPT, both to explore its abilities and refine his or her already existing work. It also helps creators wanting to provide an experience outside the realm of his or her expertise. For instance, if someone wanted to create a description for a photo or piece of art, any of the above plug-ins could be used.


Midjourney — generates images from natural language descriptions

Firefly — an Adobe creation that can add, edit, and extend photos with text prompts

Upscale.media — can improve resolution of images

Bg Sub — can remove backgrounds from images

Watermark Remover.io — can remove watermarks from images

The image creation and editing tools also pose the highest risk to artists. The tools can be used to create art in the form of other artists’ work, or even be used maliciously to take other artists’ work, so it’s important to use caution when viewing AI generated work.

Overall, these tools can assist artists with expanding the bounds of their comfort levels and can provide new ways to promote his or her business. The tools can also be used to assist in building the foundation for an artist to profit from his or her original work in a way that hasn’t been available before. The team aspect of several off these tools also allows for collaboration when an artist may not have the access to normally fund or access collaboration with others.

As any other AI tool, the advancement can provide new opportunity for those who challenge themselves to utilize the tool, and creators should challenge themselves on embracing the possibilities of new technology.