From Concept to Reality: How Ginza 456’s Immersive Show Can Inspire Brands to Innovate

From Concept to Reality: How Ginza 456’s Immersive Show Can Inspire Brands to Innovate

Ginza 456 is a bustling district in Tokyo, known for its high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences. Recently, a new event called Totou Space Lounge has been making waves in the area. This event merges the worlds of art and technology to create a unique and immersive experience that stimulates the senses.

The Toto Space Lounge is a unique experience offered by Ginza 456, a Japanese-based company that specializes in creating innovative and immersive experiences for their customers. The lounge promises to take you on a journey through space, allowing you to relax and meditate while monitoring your brain waves to give you a result out of 100.

Alternating between “meditation time” where you can calm your mind in the quiet darkness and “rest time” where you can relax surrounded by fantastic images will lead you to a “toto” state. Acquires the customer’s brain waves in real-time and supports “toto” with light production according to each “*toto score”.

  • Acquires the brain waves of the customer during the Toto Score with is marked out of 100

experience in real-time, and calculates based on the difference from the reference data of the state of meditation or sauna prepared in advance.

  • Meditation Time
  • Relax Time
  • The higher the degree of neurofeedback, the brighter and clearer the light becomes.

1st-floor entrance

At the 1st floor entrance “Space Lounge”, you can enjoy taking pictures against the background of the scenery seen from the spaceship in an extraordinary space inspired by the inside of a spaceship.

The planets displayed on the monitor are collected from all over the world.

Basement Floor

Reminder, that you can record and take pictures during the event but need to have your flashlight off at all times.

Then after waiting for your selected time, the staff will guide you downstairs where the main event can begin. After placing your belongings in a designated lockers number. Afterwards, you must go to the chair with the same number as your locker number and remove your shoes before seating.

My Experience

Please do note that the narration will all be in Japanese as they do not have an English version available. Regardless I would still recommend going for the experience.

The experience starts with a guided meditation session, during which you are seated in a comfortable chair on the ground that has your assigned number on it (note: only 8 people are allowed in one session). Once seated you are requested to put on a pair of headsets that will be monitoring your brainwaves throughout the experience.

As you relax, you are transported from Earth to a space environment where you can experience the sensation of flying through space. The environment is designed to be both calming and visually stimulating, providing you with an otherworldly experience.

You are given a breakdown of how this guided meditation and space trip will take place. You will go on a space journey to two planets called ‘Blue Planet’ and ‘Red Planet’ whilst taking breaks in between your space journey within the stars for some meditation time and relaxation time.

During the meditation session, your brainwaves are monitored using the headphone device that is attached to your ears and neck. This device records your brain activity and provides data on your level of relaxation and focus. The Toto Space Lounge claims that by monitoring your brainwaves, they can provide you with a personalized score out of 100, indicating how well you were able to relax and focus during the meditation session.

Higher numbered results mean the headset tracked more calmness resulting in yellowish lights while lower numbers got more blueish lights. This is important as at the end they also give you your very own unique planet that was created via your brainwaves score.

Overall, the Toto Space Lounge experience is a unique, immersive and innovative way to relax and meditate whilst having your brain activity monitored. It combines art, technology, meditation, and neuroscience to create an experience that is both entertaining and informative.

Ginza 456’s immersive experience is a testament to how effective experiential marketing can be in building brand awareness. By creating an unforgettable, multi-sensory experience that transports individuals to another world, Ginza 456 has managed to capture the attention of a broad audience and generate excitement around their brand.

For example, I personally found the usage of the headpiece to monitor brainwaves to be creative and out-of-the-box thinking to bring another layer of immersiveness to the overall experience.

Brands looking to build awareness can learn from Ginza 456’s approach by creating similar immersive experiences that engage customers on a deeper level. This could involve leveraging technology, creating interactive installations, or crafting a unique atmosphere that reflects the brand’s values. The key takeaway is that in today’s highly competitive marketplace, brands need to do more than simply advertise their products or services – they need to create experiences that leave a lasting impression on people.

At the conclusion of the session, you can scan the QR code to receive a detailed explanation of your score and the magnitude it represents. Individuals are given their own planets to keep as mementoes or share with family and friends. Here are my outcomes. I scored a flawless 100 out of 100, as you can see, and I was completely at ease the entire time.