Exploring the Future of XR Technology at CONTENT TOKYO 2023

Exploring the Future of XR Technology at CONTENT TOKYO 2023

CONTENT TOKYO is one of Japan’s largest business expos that occurs biannually. This event allows various creators and companies to come together to explore the future of content, video, and CG production, alongside advancements in the use of technology for advertisements and branding. Last month, CONTENT TOKYO 2023 took place at Tokyo Big Sight. Attendees were particularly wowed by the proliferant and magical incorporation of Extended Reality (XR) technology across different industries. For those of you unfamiliar with XR, XR is an umbrella term that incorporates VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) technology. In other words, it refers to immersive and digital interfaces that can go beyond physical reality. Let this blogpost be your brief guide to the recent innovations in the XR field, and how such technology is shaping the future!


VR headsets were undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the show, allowing visitors to dive into countless virtual experiences. Some highlights include DIVER-X’s merging of VR headsets with haptic feedback ContactGloves to allow for a more immersive gaming and simulation experiences; PICO’s new lightweight headset PICO 4 which combines daily work/life virtual management with 4K resolution VR concerts, films, and fitness workouts; and LIT Design’s use of VR to explore the future potential of 3DCG interior design. Such technologies will be able to assist workers in complex tasks and optimize their performance by providing real-time guidance and visualization, whilst also increasing the possibilities of virtual collaboration.


Another outstanding project was showcased by STYLY, one of Japan’s biggest XR production companies. STYLY presented many new Augmented Reality scenarios in collaboration with Psychic VR Lab – available through the STYLY mobile app. One of the main scenarios displayed was the Niigata XR Project  – which guides viewers through the potential of XR as a tool for urban development, using Niigata City as an example backdrop. Using the app, viewers can learn to appreciate the city in new ways by accessing digital street art and virtual locations such as the Furumachi Full Square XR Aquarium. By enhancing real life landscapes with digital objects, we are able to blend imagination and technology in a way that brings a whole new dimension to the way we interact with the world around us.


In addition to urban development, XR was also shown to be useful in other social fields such as natural disaster management. For example, VR training and digital simulations of earthquakes and floods by Itamiya Laboratory may be used to prevent fatalities and minimize damages. 


Overall, CONTENT TOKYO 2023 was a truly enlightening exhibition that unveiled the exciting potential of XR technology. If you would like to see more, check out our video on Future is Now playlist:

It showed us that the future is not just about imagining the impossible, but also about stepping into it and experiencing it firsthand – whether that be simply for entertainment or to gain crucial life-saving skills. CONTENT TOKYO 2023 will return again in December, and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you have the opportunity! Get ready to embrace the XR revolution!