30sec film artists Vol.30 – Liz Caroline

“I find a way where I can combine my love for fashion and painting together”

Liz Caroline is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Toronto, Ontario. She is known for her woven paintings a style inspired by basketry and tapestry, exploring themes of memory, identity, and the feeling of nostalgia. Liz is a recent graduate form OCADU specializing in Drawing and Painting earning her a BFA. Texture and colour is a dominant quality in her work allowing for a tactile environment of an imaginative and representational space in time, loaded with various emotions.

Liz Caroline – 30sec film artists Q&A

How do you usually get inspired again after working on a big project/painting?

I follow a lot of fashion shows/blogs, pastry artists and travel related things.

Do you collect things?


What's the last great book you read?

The other me

What super power do you want to have?

I wish i could have multiple super powers.

What’s your craziest dream?

One time I dreamt I existed in a painting it was so surreal but felt so real!

Do you have a motto or creed that as an artist you live by?

Its one i came up with “your life is a painting; paint it colorfully” its a reminder to keep me motivated and experience the diversity of life, which is such a beautiful and amazing thing.

How do you come up with ideas?

I take my own personal experiences mixed with things that inspire me in my environment.

What project/art are you hoping to create but haven’t got chance to do yet?

I would love to do something in wearable art

Artist’s bookshelf

The Other Me
The Other Me